What Perished Is to Rise Again
First charity event for the Holodomor Museum
main exhibition benefactors
18th December
6 p.m.
Solomiya Krushelnytska Lviv National Academic Theatre of Opera
and Ballet
On 18 December 2021, the Lviv National Opera is hosting the first charity event for the Holodomor Museum main exhibition benefactors, entitled 'What Perished Is to Rise Again'.

This is a momentous event, which is the first in a series of regional charity nights that the Foundation plans to hold during this and the next two years in almost all Oblast capital cities. This confirms as a matter of fact the leadership Lviv and Oblast, and particularly Lviv residents, have in the state-forming processes.

We invite you to join the benefactors of the main exhibition of the integral complex of the Holodomor Museum, which is being created in Kyiv.

Your charitable contribution is crucial for the development of the Holodomor Museum, which is to become a symbolic manifest of the unbowed spirit of the Ukrainian people.

Yet the exhibition of the future Holodomor Museum is not only voices of the victims but also position of those who remember.
Program of the charity night "What Perished Is to Rise Again"
At the event, dedicated to the Day of Memory of the Holodomor victims, the Lviv National Opera is performing a monumental symphonic piece, Symphony No.2 "Resurrection" by Gustav Mahler.

Sofiia Solovij, soprano
Tetiana Vakhnovska, mezzo-soprano

Lviv National Opera Choir and Symphony Orchestra
Choirmaster: Vadym Yatsenko
Conductor: Ivan Cherednichenko

Benefactors also will be able to familiarise themselves with the Holodomor Museum Project and will be honored publicly by the event organisers as benefactors of the main exhibition of the Holodomor Museum.
Benefactors: why we support the Project
Values that we have in our company, which has been responsible for improving the quality of Ukrainians' life for decades, are totally concordant with those in the Holodomor Museum Creating Project. After all, lessons of the past and culture of remembrance form the foundation of our future. We believe that it is impossible to succeed without mutual support and everyone's participation in developing the ecosystem of the humanitarian space of the Ukrainian State.
Filia Zhebrovska
Chairperson of the Supervisory Board at Farmak,
Member of the Supervisory Board of the Holodomor Museum Foundation

We have a troubled history and burden of the past under belt. Until 30 years ago, we could not speak broadly about many chapters in the Ukrainian history. Many of them were not studied in-depth. Today it is a pleasure for me that we spend much effort on discovering the historical truth and honoring it properly. Now the Holodomor Museum is a project unifying the whole Ukraine. East and west, south and north. Our company has always backed initiatives honoring Ukrainian history and culture.
Taras Kytsmei
Co-founder and Member of the Board at SoftServe
Our charitable foundation has been supporting big time social and cultural projects in Ukraine for many years. Given our civic position, we certainly could not pass by creation of the world's first Holodomor Museum, because we are convinced that business and civil society leaders and all those who connect their future with Ukraine should coalesce around it.
Rostyslav Kisil
President of the international postal and logistic company Meest
Join the ranks of benefactors
The charity night for the Holodomor Museum main exhibition benefactors is at the same time the first summary of the fundraising campaign Road to Truth in Lviv Oblast and first public honoring of the benefactors who support the ongoing creation of a world-class museum.

All contributions are part of the Road to Truth campaign and thus benefactors along with the invitation to the evening get the benefactor status (corresponding to their contributions): Pals, Friends, Partners and Co-creators of the Holodomor Museum, and will be honored in the museum complex Gratitude Spaces correspondingly to their contributions.
Contribution of UAH 27,000 and more (1 invitation) / UAH 40,000 (2 invitations)
Contribution of UAH 135,000 and more (3 invitations)
Contribution of UAH 375,000 and more (4 invitations)
Contribution of UAH 675,000 and more (5 invitations and more invitations)
Contribution of UAH 6,750,000 and more (the number of invitations will be discussed individually)
Contribution of UAH 27 mln and more (the number of invitations will be discussed individually)
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Project objective
Get the Lviv and region community involved in creating the main exhibition of the Holodomor Museum as the Project benefactors and publicly witness Lviv's and Oblast's contribution to the cause of retaining national memory and supporting the world's first Holodomor Museum.
Word from the organisers
For donations and invitations:
Yuliya Novobranets

For information cooperation:
Yuliya Havryliuk